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While most manufacturers produce hybrid models they just can’t hold a candle to Toyota’s commitment in making these reliable vehicles. It’s this commitment that makes Toyota Hybrid models the best choice for lowering your carbon footprint and saving money at the pump. Not only are you being environmentally conscious, but you also don’t lose any of the reliability or exceptional driving people have come to love about Toyota vehicles. Take a look and learn more about what makes Toyota Hybrids stand out from the rest at Gateway Toyota.

Why Drive Toyota Hybrids



Your hybrid models comes packaged with both basic warranty coverage, like our gas-powered models, along with a 10-year/240,000 km warranty for your vehicle’s battery with each 2020 model year.

Exceptional Performance

Despite its electric drivetrain, Hybrid Toyotas still deliver powerful performance that matches—and even sometimes exceeds—their carbon-emitting counterparts without any additional effort.

Efficient Driving

While most people believe Toyota Hybrids drive differently than their gas versions, that’s actually not the case. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive allows you to keep driving the way you do, with seamless background integration and no hiccups along the way.

Plug-in Free

Not only are Toyota Hybrid models revolutionary in the way they perform, but also in the way they recharge, too! With the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system in your model, you have two ways to charge the battery, and neither option includes plugging it in!


Trustworthy Maintenance

What makes Toyota Hybrid models stand out from the rest is that you can treat them the same as any other vehicle, especially for maintenance! They all follow the same maintenance schedule with no additional accommodations whatsoever.


Extended Range

With Hybrid models from Toyota, you have free reign to choose how you want to use your gas or electric drivetrain, and still get up to 1,035 km worth of range. You can use gas-only, electric-only, or even both at the same time!



As you already know, there are minimal things you have to do differently while driving a Toyota Hybrid model from driving a gas-powered one. That’s no different when it comes to preparing for winter, as each hybrid model comes extensively cold weather tested prior to sale.

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